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A good clean-up of one’s closet is a good stepping stone towards inner peace!

A good clean-up of one’s closet is a good stepping stone towards inner peace!

This summer I spent two full days getting rid of unnecessary articles of clothing: those pants that are too small and depress me every time I try them, that blazer that is too big and doesn’t represent my personality anymore, that never worn blouse with the price tag still attached and the famous “it fit me so well in the store” item. I guarantee that after performing this type of spring cleaning, getting dressed in the morning will be so much easier!

Indeed, I spent two days filling bags with clothes that are still beautiful, but that will benefit others more than me (or my hangers). Same goes for my children’s clothes who are growing up way too fast. Before buying anything for back to school, it was time to take an inventory of the dresses worn only three times and the sweaters that became unintentional crop tops (sad!). Long live recycling!

It’s amazing what we buy and burry in our drawers without realizing that we spend a small fortune. Two years ago, I came to the conclusion that in my adult life, the amount of clothing I had purchased was the equivalent of a vacation to Fiji. Therefore, I challenged myself to not buy clothing for one year. I came close to achieving this goal. And I say close because there was that evening gown that I could not resist (I had to attend a ball after all!), those winter boots that I really needed and those torn jeans featured on the poster of “Tout part de soi” which I could not deny myself. Otherwise, nothing for a year… And you know what? I already had everything I needed at home.

So why not recycle and manage our wardrobe in a smart way by selling what we no longer wear? Some of us organize clothing swaps, give clothes away or sell them on the Internet with all the hassle and time it requires… but I found a way to do all that in a single click!

In the last few months, I became interested in Minitrade, a young local web company (Boucherville-based) specialized in the swap of new or almost unworn clothes for the whole family. Here is how it works: Minitrade sends you a bag, you fill it with items that are in good condition and return it by mail (or ask for a home pickup, both are FREE). Their experts choose the best clothes to feature on their site. The clothes that do not meet the standard are given to charity. You then receive a credit that will allow you to purchase clothes (new or recycled) for your children or for yourself at the online store. Should you prefer to receive cash, the amount owed to you can be deposited directly into your PayPal account.

I found the concept so ingenious and so beneficial for families. Furthermore, it is sustainable! I therefore decided to invest in the company. I am currently a business partner and a fashion ambassador for this Quebec-based company.

I invite you to visit the online store and I particularly hope that will enable you to rethink your clothing consumption just like it did for me. Yes, it is finally possible to be crazy about fashion and manage your spending effectively!

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