Childhood Pranks. Priceless Memories.

It was six years ago. I got an email from my step-daughter Kaia saying my oldest daughter had cut Kaia’s two and a half-year-old sister’s hair.


Mila was now sporting bangs and a nasty haircut. I didn’t get overly excited. After all, this wasn’t the first blunder we’d come across! There was the time when the girls had played pretend-salon and used tie-dye as a hand cream. When they came out of the bathroom, their hands and arms were completely blue. It was a dark indigo blue that made them look like Avatar creatures for a whole week.

There was also the time I was furious with the little rascal next door who had drawn a heart on our front door with a rock (or so I thought!). It ended up being my daughter who had been driven by a wave of urban art. The heart is still there, greeting anyone who comes for a visit. Such precious memories . . . Maybe I wouldn’t have cried so much had I known this, many years ago, when my father scolded me for carving my name into his favourite rocking chair—one of the antiques he had collected over the years. On the other hand, perhaps the memory wouldn’t be as fresh in mind!


I’m curious. What pranks did you pull when you were a kid or what pranks have your children pulled on you?

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