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Fitting unique Converse with unique girls

Imagine you become a shoe-fairy for a day and give a pair of the new metallic Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Brea to the coolest girls you see in the street, just for fun. This is what I did last Sunday together with a photographer and the Converse team. It was a fun and exciting experience but mots of all, I was wowed by the style and attitude of local girls (and a few tourists!). I quickly spotted my muses and they accepted to strike a pose with their new Converse for our photographer Bruno Florin.


We started our journey at the Browns store Sainte-Catherine where the shoes are available (as well as exclusively in B2 stores) and then we headed to the Quartier des spectacles. Here’s a picture summary of our amazing day with those stylish girls.


We fell for Pauline, walking with her family. She appeared to us as the iconic Converse girl. I met girls from everywhere like Mélinda, a beautiful young woman from five nationalities (her mom is Tunisian, Italian and French and her dad is Dominican and Venezuelan).


Maite Cristina and her sister Jocelyn from Costa Rica. They just moved to Montreal last week. A nice welcome gift!

Sylvie who came with an old-school Mitsou t-shirt. I even signed her shoes!


We met Michèle-Rose from Québec, a colourful girl who wants to become an astronomer (you can tell by her starry dress).


We stopped Lindsey as she was on her way to the Heavy Montréal festival with her sister Leigh. She enjoyed the metal concert with her brand new metallic Converse Brea!


We met beautiful and active Anais who does martial arts in Montréal.


Ariane, an entrepreneur and social media specialist with an amazing energy.


Gabrielle who just had a baby in July quickly caught our eyes.


Jasha who just arrived from New York to visit her family in Montréal.


Beautiful Latoya from Jamaica charmed us all.


Lena’s minimalist style inspired us.


Lily has the most beautiful glasses. She now has the coolest shoes. We love accessories!

We couldn’t resist the attitude of Alie and her BFF Olivia.

We spotted Chloe, a French student who will become biologist or a kindergarten teacher. She hasn’t decided yet. We wish her good luck!

The metallic Converse All Star Chuck Taylor are now available in all Browns stores.

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