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Getting back your baby hair with Pro Fiber?

In the middle of winter, my hairstylist Louis Hechter from Orbite urged me to try a new line of hair products called Pro Fiber, he had recently fallen in love with (he’s very passionate about hair). He really got my attention when he said I might even get my baby hear back!


Louis Hechter and me

My baby hair? It was so strong and shiny. What happened to it over the years? Nothing much . . . Only streaks every 5 or 6 weeks and daily shampoos and blow-dries! Before calling me the hair devil, keep in mind I have fine hair and I work out every day. I prefer having hair a tad on the dry side than looking like a ball of grease. So, why not? What’s the harm in trying out L’Oréal’s new treatment?

First step: the question period. There were three options. Restore for damaged hair, Revive for lightly damaged hair and Recover for heavily damaged hair from dyes, streaks, etc. The technician had a few questions to find the right treatment for me:

ow many times do I wash my hair per week? 7
How many blow-dries? 7
How many products do I use? 4
Do I use hair masks? No. Not enough time.
And since hair can be damaged both chemically and physically . . . How many brush strokes per day? 100
Do I dry my hair with a towel? Yes.
Do I leave elastics in my hair while I sleep? Yes (it seems we’re not supposed to . . .)


So we decided on the blue Restore treatment. It restores all right, but its immediate effect is also to weigh down your hair. Then they told me what to do at home: only use products by the same brand (surprise, surprise!) and, after 4 shampoos, dab off excess water, apply a mask on the lengths and ends (not the roots), and leave in for 10 minutes. The salon treatment must be repeated every six weeks until the original hair texture is achieved.


The result? Frankly, after 18 months, my hair is revived and I am addicted! I also picked up a few tricks along the way. First, I am now able to skip more shampoos since my hair is softer, less dry and easily takes back its shape after having been in a pony tail or flattened by a night’s sleep. Also, I now realize how rough I have been with my hair. From now on, I will be much gentler with it. I have a new-found love for my locks. Count on me to be trying out more products in the future. Never mind animal testing . . . Send them my way!

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