Kids Birthdays: The Challenge Party

Organizing your child’s birthday party isn’t always a piece of cake! My daughter Mila just celebrated her 9th birthday—no longer a princess, not yet a teenybopper. At this age, it’s harder than ever for parents to find the perfect party theme: not too kiddish, not too grown-up, right in the middle. After seeing the YouTube challenges, I got the idea of throwing a challenge party.

You know, those challenges that kids do for a kick? My girls are crazy about them. They have lots of fun doing them on the weekends with their dad (blind tastings of baby food or trying to eat past due yogurt without making a funny face). But to make a real party out of it, you have to bell well organized.

First, ask permission from the parents and ask about any allergies the kids may have.

Première étape, demander la permission aux parents et demander que l’on nous indique les allergies de chacun.

IHere are a few things you’ll need:

  • A whistle or an air horn (to get everyone’s attention!)
  • Funny candy for the challenges (Farfelu has a great selection)
  • Makeup for kids at Dollarama!
  • A bunch of water bottles and milk
  • Rice cakes for resetting your taste buds
  • A big garbage can for the mess!
  • Napkins and wet wipes for removing makeup
  • A guest list to keep track of points and two older kids to help out

Here were our Challenges:

The Chubby Bunny Challenge

The goal is to stick as many marshmallows as possible in your mouth, without swallowing them, and to say (in this case) “happy birthday Mila”. The winner is the one who fits the most marshmallows in his or her mouth (like chubby bunny cheeks!) before spitting them out into the garbage. Our winner actually fit 12 marshmallows in her mouth!

The Wasabi Challenge

These wasabi-flavoured candies don’t seem so bad at first. But chew on a couple of them at once and your taste buds will start screaming! Lydia lasted a whole two minutes before spitting out the green nukes. A tip? Keep a garbage nearby as well as rice cakes and glasses of milk to bring down the heat.

fete-enfants-8 fete-enfants-6

The Vomit Jelly Belly Challenge

Ever heard of the Bean Boozled Challenge? The throw-up-flavoured Harry Potter candies? Vomit is not the only flavour. There are also stinky socks or tutti-frutti, rotten eggs or buttered popcorn, snot or juicy pears. Same colours, different tastes! If you’re lucky, you’ll pick the yummy ones. A simple game that’s a real hit with the kids! We were having so much fun we forgot all about counting points!


The Blindfold Makeup Challenge

Another YouTube-inspired game! Here’s how it works: one blindfolded person puts makeup on another, and vice versa. The winner is the person with the most original makeup (in other words, the messiest!). The biggest challenge of all? Getting the kids to be gentle with the makeup amidst all the excitement. The makeup kits from Dollarama were perfect for the challenge, especially since the kids could take them home after.

fete-enfants-3 fete-enfants-4

The final challenge? A Minion birthday cake. We had to cut off the head without making the children scream! You guessed it—we lost that challenge! I felt horrible when I watched the Cybele making-of video!


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