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Seeing Céline again

To highlight the launch of Celine Dion’s new French album: Encore un soir, today, at lunch time, we offer you a brand new (and unique) show: Céline, Mitsou et Sébastien on Rythme FM. We spent some time with her on August 17, the day of her last show at the Centre Bell.

Sébastien and I had promised ourselves not to talk about René Angelil too much because we didn’t want Céline to suffer from remembering her last moments with her husband. Surprisingly, she first talked about him proving how much René is still part of her life. Céline is also a present and devoted mother. She now has to let her older son René-Charles live his teenager’s life (at the Osheaga festival!) and teach her twins Nelson and Eddy how to pick apples.

Credit : Olivier Samson Arcand / OSAIMAGES / FEELING

Memories from the past

I was very happy to see again this singer with whom I share a musical era, that of the end of the 80s/90s. My record company was distributed by Sony so Celine and I often attended the same events. I remember one time she was sitting on a chair at a Christmas party, singing the theme song of the movie Baghdad Cafe, I am calling you. It was just before she started her career in the United States; a career that later reached its peak with her residency in Vegas.


It was another time. Our makeup on this photo taken at the first ADISQ gala proves it. This pic always makes me laugh!

To the delight of all, Céline recaptures her French speaking fans with her new 100% French album. To listen to this very special show and discover the new album, tune in to Rythme FM everywhere in Quebec this Friday at 11:30 a.m. The show will rerun on Wednesday, August 31 at 7 p.m., just before her last show in Quebec, at the Cogeco auditorium in Trois-Rivières.

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