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Shan: Feminity without the Frills

Every year it’s the same thing. There’s nothing quite like it. I have been a die-hard Shan swimwear fan for nearly 30 years. Once again, I was standing in front of the Shan window on Crescent Street and I instantly fell in love! I usually wear my Shan swimwear until they are practically torn to shreds, and it takes several years for that to happen!

What I like about the 2016 collection? The black and white colour stories, the 60s inspiration, the sophisticated shapes, the quality of the fabrics, the modern cuts . . . I like when Shan steers towards femininity, and steers away from the frills. My favourites? The Scarlet, Charlie and Balnéa collections and the black, one-shoulder Adèle swimsuit. Also, the wireless Balnéa collection is sure to please.

La collection Scarlet

The Scarlet collection

La collection Charlie

The Charlie collection

Le modèle Adèle

The Adèle model


Shan proposes cuts that are perfectly shaped for a woman’s body—even women who have undergone a mastectomy: Adèle and Julia.

Les modèles Adèle et Julia

These styles are designed to preserve and maintain comfort, featuring wide bands that cover the entire side of the bust, higher necklines and larger straps.

The soft and natural-feeling linings allow you to insert breast prostheses of various shapes. Its inner structure and elastic bands under the bust provide support and gently hold the prosthesis in place.

If you like Quebec products, I present you the Everyday Sunday beach collection that I brought along on my trip to Hawaii.

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