The Only Reason I look Forward to Fall: Matt Holubowski

He is my only reason to look forward to fall. Because his new album will be even better when listen to in a cozy wool sweater with a warm latté or while driving in an autumn leaves panorama. Since I grew up to the music of Cat Stevens and Donovan, I can relate to the voice tones and guitar of Matt Holubowski.


Solitudes is the second album of one of the most striking voices we heard at La Voix. The Montrealer took some time to get used to being popular and deal with the impostor’s syndrome that comes with it (he dedicated a song on the album to this feeling that haunts him since he was propelled into the show business).

Holubowski wrote and performed all songs on the album that he launches today, the first with Audiogram. Even though the album is mainly in English, it will most probably become one of my favourite Quebecois records and stay in my DC player well after the first snowflakes have fallen. Maybe as long as John Mayer’s albums. That would be quite something!

The album will be available as of September 23 and the artist will be giving shows this fall.
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