Visiting Abby Lee’s Studio

I’m a big fan of the reality show Dance Moms. My mom, Mitsou, surprised me with a Pittsburg-bound trip to visit the show’s studio for a mother-daughter camp in Pennsylvania.
Us? In Abby Lee‘s dance studio? With the mean instructor from Dance Moms? I couldn’t believe it!!!!

When we arrived, I was surprised to find a small studio that looked just like any other, even a little dirty . . . Stained carpets, dirty bathrooms . . . Weird, since Abby Lee is also the star of Abby’s Studio Rescue, a new reno show focused on dance studios. She might want to renovate her own studio before working on others! The location of the studio also surprised me—all on its own in a small town. I was very afraid to go inside. I thought Abby would be there, and she’s scary! But her and her students were away for a national competition. Thank goodness! A nice old man let us in, along with other families that were there to visit like us. He was there to sell us things from the shop. I chose a sweat shirt for my sister and me.

We got to see the entire studio and take pictures, but we were not allowed to walk on the dance floors for insurance reasons. Thankfully, we had a great view of them from the mom room, where “dance moms” watch their daughters dance.

All in all . . .

WOW!!!!! I couldn’t believe I was in her studio. THANKS MOM!!!!!

I also learned more about Abby during the visit. Abby Lee Miller has been teaching since she was fourteen. She’s the one who went to Lifetime with the idea of making a reality show on her students’ lives and their moms who are overly obsessed with their daughter’s success (at least, that’s what my mom thinks). My mom didn’t let me watch the show for the longest time—Abby can be pretty brutal. She often says things like “Everyone’s replaceable” or “Save your tears for your pillow” or “Second place is the first loser.” After years of nagging, and seeing how much we love Maddie Ziegler, the 12-year-old dancer that’s featured in Sia, Chandelier, Elastic Heart and Big girls cry videos (Maddie even dances in the Pretty little liars show!), we are now allowed to watch the show. Now, every young dancer dreams of being on the show, since almost all the kids that take Abby’s classes become Broadway stars—at the very least—all because of Abby’s rigorous coaching that aims to turn her students into triple threats—dancing, singing and acting.

Abby is fierce, demanding and makes mothers cry just as much as their kids. But according to social media, she’s much nicer in person, when the cameras are off. They say it’s all just an act to make the show more exciting, that she’s not as mean as she looks. I sure hope so!

Stella-Rose Martin is the daughter of Mitsou Gélinas and this is her first article, corrected by her mom 🙂

To watch the show:

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